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  • In the Space – książka
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    In the Space – książka

    Eduardo Banqueri  

    A book with Augmented Reality which allows you to enjoy the 3D images, Games, Music and much more surprises behind each page. The observation and study of the heavens have fascinated every civilisation; some even believed that our planet was the centre of the universe. Today, we know that Earth is just a tiny point in our immense universe.

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    Is the Body the Temple of the Soul? Modern Yoga Practice as a Psychological Phenomenon – ebook

    Krzysztof T. Konecki  

    Hatha-yoga in Western culture is often perceived as the practice of physical exercises (practice of the asana position), usually done to improve one’s health and emotional state. Even if that is the case, it is still based on the rule of “the silencing of the modifications of the mind.” It is about a containment of mind dispersion in terms of non-important, minute, everyday issues, which are not important...

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