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  • Far Right in America – książka
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    Far Right in America – książka

    Cas Mudde  

    This book collects Mudde's old and new blog posts, interviews and op-eds on the topic of the US far right, ranging from right-wing populists to neo-Nazi terrorists. The main emphasis of the book is on the two most important far right developments of the 21st century, the Tea Party and Donald Trump. Primarily aimed at a non-academic audience,the book explains terminology, clarifies the key organizations...

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  • Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe – książka
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    Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe – książka

    Radical right-wing populist parties, such as Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, Marine Le Pen’s National Front or Nigel Farage’s UKIP, are becoming increasingly influential in Western European democracies. Their electoral support is growing, their impact on policy-making is substantial, and in recent years several radical right-wing populist parties have assumed office or supported minority governments. Are...

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  • The Populist Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe – książka
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    The Populist Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe – książka

    Andrea L. Pirro  

    Often neglected in the study of far right organisations, post-communist Europe recently witnessed the rise and fall of a number of populist radical right parties. The Populist Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe is the first comparative study to focus on the ideology, impact, and electoral performance of this party family in the region. The book advances a series of arguments concerning the...

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  • Radical Right Parties in Central and Eastern Europe – książka
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    Radical Right Parties in Central and Eastern Europe – książka

    Bartek Pytlas  

    In Central and Eastern Europe, radical right actors significantly impact public debates and mainstream policy agenda. But despite this high discursive influence, the electoral fortune of radical right parties in the region is much less stable. It has been suggested that this may be due to the fact that mainstream competitors increasingly co-opt issues which are fundamental for the radical right. However,...

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  • Why Marx Was Right – książka
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    Why Marx Was Right – książka

    Terry Eagleton  

    In this combative, controversial book, Terry Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. Taking ten of the most common objections to Marxism – that it leads to political tyranny, that it reduces everything to the economic, that it is a form of historical determinism, and so on – he demonstrates in each case what a woeful travesty of Marx's own thought these assumptions...

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  • The Right Life – książka
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    The Right Life – książka

    Remo H. Largo  

    More and more of us are feeling overwhelmed by the everyday struggle to lead the lives to which we aspire. Children are placed under unbearable pressure to achieve; adults fight a constant battle to balance family life with work and economic demands; old people suffer from social isolation and a lack of emotional security. People of every age are feeling increasingly at odds with the world, and less...

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  • Right to Culture – książka
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    Right to Culture – książka

    Anna Młynarska-Sobaczewska  

    The outstanding work by Prof. Anna Młynarska-Sobaczewska devoted to an extremely important and pressing issue of the right to culture was based on an extensive source material, which consists of both international, regional (including European) and national normative acts, as well as judicatures of the European Court of Human Rights and national courts. At the same time, the book presents in an interesting...

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  • How To Be Right – książka
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    How To Be Right – książka

    James O'Brien  

    Every day, James O’Brien listens to people blaming hard-working immigrants for stealing their jobs while scrounging benefits, and pointing their fingers at the EU and feminists for destroying Britain. But what makes James’s daily LBC show such essential listening – and has made James a standout social media star – is the incisive way he punctures their assumptions and dismantles their arguments live...

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    Democracy at Risk. The Growth of Nationalism and Extreme Right Parties as Threat to the EU – ebook

    Ewa Rokicka   Jeremy Leaman   Dieter Eißel  

      The book analyses the threats to democracy that are associated with the rise of extreme-right parties and xenophobia in European Union countries. The authors show that the growing distrust towards democratic institutions and the increasing strength of populism and nationalism are connected with persistent inequalities and the malign focus on immigrants as scapegoats for the misery. Case studies...

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    Ryzykowny układ – ebook

    Karen Booth  

    Związek Mindy z Samem był burzliwy. W końcu z nim zerwała. Jak się jednak okazało, Sam był właścicielem kamienicy, w której Mindy pragnęła umieścić siedzibę firmy. Teraz Sam chce dostać zaproszenie na ślub siostry Mindy, by podtrzymać znajomości biznesowe. Obiecuje odsprzedać jej kamienicę za dolara, byle tylko pojawić się na ceremonii. Mindy uważa, że to dobry deal. Spędzenie wieczoru u boku Sama...

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