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Allen Lane

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  • Don't Be Evil – książka
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    Don't Be Evil – książka

    Rana Foroohar  

    An award-winning Financial Times columnist exposes the threat that Big Tech poses to our democracies, our economies and ourselves Today Google and Facebook receive 90% of the world's news ad-spending. Amazon takes half of all ecommerce in the US. Google and Apple operating systems run on all but 1% of cell phones globally. And 80% of corporate wealth is now held by 10% of companies - not the GEs and...

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  • Cosmological Koans – książka
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    Cosmological Koans – książka

    Anthony Aguirre  

    Could there be a civilization on a mote of dust? How much of your fate have you made? Who cleans the universe? Through more than fifty Koans -- pleasingly paradoxical vignettes following the ancient Zen tradition -- leading physicist Anthony Aguirre takes the reader across the world from Japan to Italy, and through ideas spanning the age, breadth and depth of the Universe. Using these beguiling Koans...

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  • Margaret Thatcher The Authorized Biography – książka
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    Margaret Thatcher The Authorized Biography – książka

    Charles Moore  

    Charles Moore’s masterful and definitive biography of Britain’s first female prime minister reaches its climax with the story of her zenith and her fall. How did Margaret Thatcher change and divide Britain? How did her model of combative female leadership help shape the way we live now? How did the woman who won the Cold War and three general elections in succession find herself pushed out by her own...

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  • The Power of Bad – książka
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    The Power of Bad – książka

    From the international bestselling authors of Willpower Why does a bad impression last longer than a good one? Why does losing money affect us more than gaining it? What makes phobias so hard to shake? The answer is the negativity bias - or in other words, the power of bad. As John Tierney and Roy F. Baumeister show, we are wired to react to bad events more strongly than good ones. It makes sense...

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  • How We Learn – książka
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    How We Learn – książka

    Stanislas Dehaene  

    In today's technological society, with an unprecedented amount of information at our fingertips, learning plays a more central role than ever. In How We Learn, Stanislas Dehaene decodes its biological mechanisms, delving into the neuronal, synaptic, and molecular processes taking place in the brain. He explains why youth is such a sensitive period, during which brain plasticity is maximal, but also...

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  • Climate Change and the Nation State – książka
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    Climate Change and the Nation State – książka

    Anatol Lieven  

    'This is one of those rare books that have something really important to say. Anatol Lieven, one of the most original and independent-minded foreign policy thinkers, is telling his fellow realists that at this moment the world's great powers are far more threatened by climate change than they are by each other.' - Ivan Krastev, author of The Light That Failed In the past two centuries we have experienced...

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  • Our House is on Fire – książka
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    Our House is on Fire – książka

    The profoundly moving story of how love, courage and determination brought Greta Thunberg's family back from the brink 'Urgent, lucid, courageous ... a must-read message of hope ... It is a glimpse of a saner world' David Mitchell, Guardian This is the story of a happy family whose life suddenly fell apart, never to be the same again. Of two devoted parents plunged into a waking nightmare as their...

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