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My diet – ebook


Ilona Ciciała  





Ilona Ciciała


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My diet contains 30 recipes with dietary recipes with a calculated calorie value. These are extremely delicious meals that are filling for a long time and make dieting easy and enjoyable. There are recipes for both savoury and sweet dishes. It is by eating these meals that I have been able to return to a slim figure with ease and pleasure. Eating these meals, I don't feel like I'm on a diet. They are delicious, varied and I wouldn't swap them for anything else.

About me

I have been athletic since childhood and taking care of a slim figure is extremely important for me to feel good in my own body. I spent my entire childhood among horses, training in acrobatic gymnastics on horses, the so-called " vaulting".

However, my life paths were diverted and I became fascinated with food. In particular, I fell in love with creating desserts and decorating dishes on the plate. In order to combine looking after a slim figure with my passion for creating dishes and desserts, I started creating dietary dishes and sweets.



My diet - ebook

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